Teachers Get Hands-On in Manufacturing


This summer, two graduates from the Instructors Apprenticeship for Advanced Manufacturing (IAAM) were hired as apprentices at WaterSaver Faucet. Ontisar Freelain, Engineering Teacher, and Elana Jacobs, Science Teacher for Chicago Public Schools, are getting hands-on experience this summer working everyday at WaterSaver, using calipers, operating CNC Mills and Lathes, helping to produce hundreds of parts per week for the company.

While both teachers plan to resume teaching at their schools in the fall, they both jumped at the opportunity to put their skills training to work and get more insight as to how bring real-world skills into their classrooms and how to get their students exposed to the opportunities in manufacturing. Learn more about the IAAM program here. IAAM is a pilot program through

a partnership between Manufacturing Renaissance, Chicago Teachers Union Foundation and the National Institute for Metalworking Skills. Thank you to WaterSaver Faucet for hiring teachers this summer!