Success Story – Power Couple!

Kyana was an active participant in the Manufacturing Connect (MC) program since her freshman year at Austin College & Career Academy. Kyana had multiple work experiences throughout her H.S. career and entered into an internship with Ferrara Candy after graduating in 2019. Kyana was trained to work in the kitchen as a Mogul Operator, responsible for blending ingredients to make candy. Her starting rate was $11/hour as she trained for five months until she became a full-time permanent employee with Ferrara Candy as a Mogul Operator making $19.50/hour (today she makes $21/hour) and is planning to start a family with her partner DeAndre.
DeAndre also graduated Austin College & Career Academy as an active MC participant. DeAndre successfully completed multiple internships including one with Ferrara Candy that was featured on the local news. In his senior year in high school he started an internship with Freedman Seating and is still employed with them today as an Assembler after being promoted from a Packer. DeAndre has taken advantage of Freedman Seating’s tuition reimbursement program and took a few Mechatronics classes at Daley College. Today he and Kyana are preparing to welcome a new baby into their family later this summer! They both are enjoying a high-quality life, able to afford their comfortable apartment and DeAndre is pleased to drive to work in his 2020 Chevy Camaro thanks to both of them earning a livable wage.