Success Story: Jarvis is Ready for What’s Next

Jarvis joined our March 2024 YMA cohort with a profound sense of motivation and a pressing need for direction, coaching, and job placement. Initially uncertain about his abilities due to a history of hopping between jobs, he sought consistency and stability. Through dedicated career exploration and personalized mentorship, Jarvis gradually gained confidence and found clarity in his manufacturing career path. Despite initial setbacks, notably failing his NIMS test on the first attempt, Jarvis remained resilient, displaying unwavering commitment as he diligently prepared and successfully passed the test the following day. Leveraging our partnership with Jane Addams Resource Corporation, our YMA Coordinator facilitated Jarvis’s enrollment in JARC’s welding program, further enhancing his skill set. Today, he proudly serves as a Robot Operator at Freedman Seating, earning $18.25 per hour. Jarvis maintains strong ties with our team at MR, benefiting from ongoing retention support as he continues to thrive in his new role.