Success Story: Brandi’s Road to Success

Brandi S., participated in the Manufacturing Connect (MC) program as a high school student to get work experience and learn professionalism skills, graduating in 2013 from Austin Polytechnical Academy with career goals of being a medical assistant. In the Fall of 2013, Brandi registered for school at a local college with a major of medical assistant while working part-time at PayLess shoe store. School became challenging while having to manage family obligations and she found herself needing a full-time job. Brandi dropped out of college and came back to meet with the MC staff to inquire about permanent full-time jobs in manufacturing.

She needed to refresh her manufacturing skills so she signed up for the Young Manufacturers Association (YMA) training boot camp which would prepare her for a position within the manufacturing field. She successfully completed the program and was placed at a company on the southwest side, Skolnik Industries where she was responsible for performing customer service duties. Unfortunately due to a decline in business, Brandi was laid off. Brandi supported her family through work as a housekeeper and then as an Amazon driver and shipping clerk but was very unhappy in these positions.

She decided to give Skolnik another call because they were a good employer and she appreciated the position and stable work environment and wanted to go back. They were hiring at the time and decided to hire her back as a Quality Control Auditor which is her current position today.

Brandi has not given up her dreams of becoming a medical assistant but as of right now manufacturing is her career choice and she has learned some important lessons about what it takes to be a responsible adult. She told us she used to call off often whenever she felt even the slightest bit unwell or just didn’t want to go to work and just would suffer the consequences of short checks, getting written up or even fired. Today, Brandi said she has changed for the better. The new Brandi wants to stay on top of paying her bills and shows up to work everyday so she can take care of her family. Her manufacturing job allows her the stability and the income to do just that. We appreciate Brandi being one of our YMA leaders to help serve as an example to other young people on what the curved road to success can look like!