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Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council

Formed in 2005, the Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council (CMRC) is a network that recognizes the key role of manufacturing in building a society that is sustainable and restorative. 

The Council’s strength comes from the diversity of stakeholders and members involved in the network. It represents both the private and public sector: manufacturing companies, community and economic development leaders, labor organizations, workforce development agencies,  government agencies, and educators.

The CMRC supports and advocates for programs and policies that strengthen our regional manufacturing sector, while increasing social inclusion and the strength of communities. To achieve its mission, the Council works through three Committees: the Executive, the Legislative and the Ministers for Manufacturing.

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Our Goals:

  1. Chicagoland will become a global leader in advanced manufacturing

  2. We will expand the diversity of advocates and stakeholders for manufacturing- manufacturers, labor, educational institutions, social service providers, community leaders, youth advocates 

  3. Fill the estimated 58,000 manufacturing jobs going unfilled in the Chicagoland area

  4. We will help build communities by reducing poverty and promoting social inclusion in manufacturing  ​

Recent Accomplishments:

  1. Organized Inclusion & Industry 4.0 Conference in April 2019 attended by over 150 guests, featuring the Deputy Minister of Vocational Education for the Basque Country and Tknika, on the Basque’s approach towards workforce development and education. 

  2. Organized 2 successful General Membership Meetings: one highlighting Daley College MTEC  and most recent meeting featuring Congressmen Krishnamoorthi and Davis, Cook County President Preckwinkle on policies supporting manufacturing career pathway programming.

  3. Organized CMRC webinar with Cook Country Tax Assessor,  Fritz Kaegi.


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Membership benefits

• Be part of a network with a diverse membership across the public/private spectrum and unique mission focused on expanding manufacturing, inclusion and equity.​

• Have access to cutting-edge workforce development and industry programs and policy-influencers.

• Network with other leaders in manufacturing, workforce development, education and community development.​

• Identify potential partnerships and investment connections.​

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