Expand "Inclusion & Industry 4.0" in Chicago

Join us to encourage Chicago Aldermen to Vote Yes on the Resolution to Endorse the Manufacturing Reinvestment Corporation Act – Prioritizing inclusive, sustainable, manufacturing-oriented training, education, careers and economic development in Chicago.

Call for City Council of Chicago To Support Manufacturing Education and Training

The Problem

The City of Chicago and the entire nation is experiencing a skills gap in the manufacturing sector, particularly among the economically disadvantaged and communities of color. In Chicago alone, over 200,000 high-wage manufacturing jobs evaporated between the 80’s and 90’s contributing to the destabilization of communities like South Shore, Austin, and North Lawndale. Not long after the jobs left, families split and many of the social conditions that led to increased poverty and crime moved in.

The good news is that industry didn’t die, it simply changed. Innovations in advanced manufacturing requires workers to acquire skills in technology and mathematics. However, the pandemic exposed racial, economic, and geographic redlining in digital literacy — skills imperative for a successful career and mobility in this industry.

If we are able to close this skills gap we can fill the estimated 58,000 vacant jobs in the Chicago region. Jobs that provide an average annual income of over $80,000 when you include benefits. Moreover, every new manufacturing job created adds another 7 supply chain and support jobs to the economy. No other industry comes close to this kind of economic multiplier. Fill those jobs helps companies and can also help rebuild struggling communities in Chicago.

Unfortunately, there are too few opportunities for people to learn about these great careers and there aren’t nearly enough training programs in Chicago to prepare people to get these great jobs. To change this, we need a paradigm shift in how we solve the problem.

The Solution

To address this situation, a Chicago based non-profit is leading a national coalition to advance legislation supporting unprecedented investment in the manufacturing eco-system.

The Manufacturing Renaissance Campaign worked with Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky to introduce HR5124-The Manufacturing Revitalization Corporation Act in August of last year. The bill calls for $20 billion to support the formation of inclusive, diverse local councils to direct funding, investments in education and training programming so young people can join the industry, funding to support the emerging green and alternative energy industry, and supports for local businesses involved in the manufacturing eco-system.

The bill is gaining momentum in Congress and here in Chicago, Ald. Michael Rodriguez (Ward 22) introduced a resolution calling for the Chicago City Council and the City of Chicago to endorse the bill. The resolution was introduced and referred to the Workforce and Education committees for discussion.

Since the resolution was introduced in City Council of Chicago, important additions in regards to Chicago Public Schools and the omission of federal from the copy seen below. Click here to view the current draft for the resolution. 

The Ask

Advocating for City Council to pass this resolution puts Chicago in the conversation for more manufacturing training and jobs, a stronger, more resilient economy, a cleaner environment, and help to rebuild some of the communities that continue to experience persistent poverty and poverty-related conditions.

The Time Is Now!

Everyone has a role: educators, environmentalists, business people, union and civil rights leaders, and YOU.

  • Make your voice heard in support of the HR5124.
  • Tell your friends and neighbors to join you.
  • Be on the lookout for upcoming events and actions.





Questions? Contact Erica Staley, Executive Director, 773-278-5418 x20, estaley@mfgren.org