Help MR Celebrate Graduating High School Seniors for Decision Day

While Decision Day has typically been about students announcing their college or university plans. This year Manufacturing Connect (MC) has 21 students who have created their own path by completing a 12-week technical training course that has prepared them for an entry -level position in the field of manufacturing. 19 participants have also earned a nationally-recognized industry credential from the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS).

Whether MC participants decide that they are going to further their education or go right to work, they deserve to be celebrated! On Wednesday, May 18th, we plan to do just that! Manufacturing Connect seniors will tour the Daley College Manufacturing Technology and Engineering Center, be presented with their certificates and have the opportunity to announce what they plan to do after graduation!

Here’s how you can help.

Your donation will provide gift cards to help them get items to fill their “trunks,” pay for entrance exam to trade school or get items that they’ll need to feel confident as they head to work. Also, your donation will sponsor a celebratory feast to honor them and get them started on the infamous “Freshman Fifteen.” 🙂

Any amount you can donate to celebrate these young men and women and launch them into their future would be greatly appreciated!