Federation for a Manufacturing Renaissance

A national and international transpartisan coalition of organizations committed to expanding an inclusive manufacturing ecosystem.

Federation for a Manufacturing Renaissance

Manufacturing Renaissance has convened a network of organizations to expand support for a national industrial policy—Inclusion & Industry 4.0.  We fully support the continued development of technology and research for the manufacturing sector so we can compete in the global economy.  We insist that as much political and financial resources are matched by a similar investment in inclusion—programs that bring employees, the labor movement, young people, communities of color, women, the environmental movement, and others into decision-making roles to determine the values that guide the investment and growth of manufacturing.  Here’s the website for our campaign:  www.mrcampaign.net

Our efforts inspired a bill (HR 5124) submitted to the House by Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and 5 other members of congress calling for an investment of $20 billion in programs of inclusion.  Some of our language was included in the recent CHIPS and Science Act.  Recently the Ford Foundation provided funding to The Century Foundation and MR to identify federal sources of funding for local organizations focused on manufacturing.  We attracted the support of the American Federation of Teachers, the Democracy Collaborative, the African American Leadership and Policy Institute, The Century Foundation, and others, and more.

To sustain this initiative, we have created a new Federation for a Manufacturing Renaissance (FMR).  We are joined in this effort by the American Sustainable Business Network, Progressive Democrats of America, Jentry Services—an organization assisting Black athletes to own manufacturing companies, the Urban Manufacturing Alliance, the Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative, LKS—a leading Mondragon consulting firm, and others.

Together, we will:

  1. Refine and advance national Manufacturing Renaissance campaigns that enjoy a broad base of support and build on legislation like HR 5124 in the US Congress.
  1. Engage manufacturers, the labor movement, community and faith-based organizations, political networks, the environmental community and government in all aspects of our work.
  1. Provide the opportunity for members to learn from each other.
  1. Provide technical assistance.
  1. Provide collective thought leadership including publishing a journal.
  2. Build political support for policy and program initiatives around Inclusion & Industry 4.0

Please email Dan Swinney with all inquiries.

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