CMRC Welcomes IMEC’s Paola Velasquez to Leadership Committee

The CMRC network is growing! Today counting over 50 manufacturing companies, workforce development practitioners, community and faith leaders, labor organizations, economic development, education and policy leaders who are champions for inclusive manufacturing as a vehicle for community development.
At our core is the Leadership Committee who meets monthly to provide insight and guidance for related programs and policy efforts. This is why we are thrilled to welcome CMRC member Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center‘s Paola Velasquez, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, to our Leadership Committee. We asked her a couple questions about why she joined the Leadership Committee.
Why did IMEC join the CMRC?
Collaboration and learning are two of IMEC’s values that resonate with me. As a new leader at IMEC, I see the importance of networking and collaborating with other organizations that are committed to strengthening manufacturing company’s performance and workforce opportunities through best practices. I look forward to participating on CMRC Leadership Committee to learn more about the industry in the Chicagoland area and identify ways IMEC can collaborate.
What do you and IMEC hope to add to the work of the CMRC?
I’ve worked in a variety of industries and developed a wide range of expertise all aimed at addressing the skills gap and raising multicultural awareness; I hope to lend my expertise on the Leadership Council in ways that work towards reducing the industry’s equity and skills gap.
Thank you Paola and IMEC, look forward to this next chapter in working together!