Career Pathway Services

Three programs operated by Manufacturing Renaissance

Career Pathway Services includes three programs operated by Manufacturing Renaissance:

1) Manufacturing Connect
2) Young Manufacturers Association
3) Instructors Apprenticeship for Advanced Manufacturing


Manufacturing Connect (MC) is a nationally recognized career pathways program.

MC inspires, prepares and supports in-school youth, ages 14-18,  for careers in manufacturing. MC creates and expands the linkages between communities, social service agencies, schools and the manufacturing sector for the benefit of participants and local industry. Learn more about our results in our latest Program Report.

MC is recruiting high school seniors for our next virtual training program starting in March! Next information sessions in February. More details here. 

For more information, contact Leslye Long, Assistant Program Director, 773-278-5418 ext 30 or email


Young manufacturers association

Established in 2016, The Young Manufacturers Association (YMA) serves as both a network and a program for young adults, aged 18-29, who are pursuing careers in manufacturing, in-between jobs, in training or interested in starting a career in manufacturing.

As a network, YMA organizes regular meetings and social events for its members. YMAers support one another as peers through training, transition into permanent employment, professional and life skills development, and balancing personal and work life dynamics.

As a program, YMA provides services on an as-needed basis, including career coaching, wrap-around supports, employer liaison to help troubleshoot issues that come up at work, and technical training.

Together, the YMA network and program are serving the untapped talent and potential that young adults represent to their communities and their current or future employers.  As of 2020, there are over 75 members spread across the South and West side of Chicago. Learn more about our results in our latest Program Report

Want to join or learn more?

For more information, contact Torres Hughes, YMA Coordinator, 773-278-5418 x 30 or email


Training the next generation of instructors who our technically, pedagogically and culturally capable

Chicagoland lacks machining instructors capable of effectively teaching in high schools, community colleges, incumbent training programs, and other adult training programs.The Instructors Apprenticeship for Advanced Manufacturing (IAAM) is a pilot apprentice program developed in response to the massive shortage of manufacturing technology instructors who are technically, culturally, and pedagogically competent.

In partnership, with the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS), the Chicago Teachers Union Foundation (CTUF) Quest Center, IAAM is a part-time, year-round program that features 3 training elements: 

  1. Pedagogical Training: provided by the Quest Center for the components focused on teaching curriculum related to cultural competence, instructional technique, and classroom management.

  2. Technical Training: Apprentices taught by Manufacturing Renaissance staff using the Richard J. Daley MTEC training facility learn the technical skills needed to earn up to 5 NIMS credentials.

  3. Career and Technical Education as a Tool for Community Development: A series of 4 workshops taught by Manufacturing Renaissance staff provide orientation and context for why and how a machine shop teacher is a critical stakeholder in the work to develop communities.

Want to join or learn more?

For more information, contact Joyce Weston, Career Pathway Services Program Director, 773-278-5418 x 30 or email