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Manufacturing Renaissance cited as a “National Best Practice Model” by The Century Foundation

Revitalizing America’s Manufacturing Communities—a recently published paper written by Joel Yudken, Andrew Stettner, and Tom Croft cites Manufacturing Renaissance as a national best practice model. The publication featuring MR takes a deep look into America’s manufacturing industrial policies and programs.
The Century Foundation is a highly respected national think tank that publishes papers and analysis on a wide variety of important issues. Dan Swinney was invited to make a presentation during a major conference in October on mid-western manufacturing policy perspectives. The Foundation plans to join Manufacturing Renaissance as they co-host a second conference on mid-western manufacturing and industrial policy to be held in Chicago in the summer of 2018.
“Manufacturing Renaissance (MR) presents a more expansive vision of a system of high schools linked to regional manufacturing sectors. It builds on a successful prototype of a career pathways program linking a single high school to the region’s manufacturing sector—the Manufacturing Connect program at Austin College and Career Academy. This program is not only beneficial to employersbut is also an integral part of a strategy for community development.”
–The Century Foundation
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