Building Partnerships. Creating Futures.

The Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council (here after CMRC) was formed in 2005 under a shared vision for sustainable and restorative development oriented towards advanced manufacturing. Its strength comes from the breadth and engagement of its partner organizations guided by on-going advocacy initiatives to ensure that all our residents, leaders, and elected officials understand the importance of manufacturing for the future of our region and our country.

Our Mission: To promote, support, and advocate for programs and policies that strengthen our regional manufacturing sector while increasing social inclusion and the strength of communities.

Vision:  Our expanding manufacturing sector rebuilds our communities.


  • Innovation in wealth creation
  • Innovation in social inclusion
  • Responsibility and leadership in building partnerships


Our Long-Term Goals:

  1. Chicagoland will become a global leader in advanced manufacturing;
  2. We will bring everyone to our table—manufacturers, labor, government, educators, and community and economic development leaders;
  3. We will close the Skills Gap! We will transform our education system to ensure that manufacturers have all the talent they need to compete and that all our residents have access to great careers in manufacturing; and
  4. We will help build communities, reduce poverty, and promote social inclusion in manufacturing.

Organization and membership:

 The CMRC general membership is comprised of entities from both the private and public sector: manufacturing companies, consulting advisors, non-profits, labor, government, educators, and community and economic development leaders. In addition to the commitments outlined above, CMRC asks each of our members to make an annual $250 financial commitment to the CMRC. In return, CMRC provides a benefit package to your organization that increases your visibility within our network and the broader community.

CMRC has five committees to guide its work. Each committee is tasked with planning and taking action to achieve our short-term objectives, and ultimately our long-term goals. Along the lines of our Executive Committee that represents our unique leadership, we have a political, technical and program arm. Each committee meets twice a year, besides the Executive Committee that meets on a regular monthly basis.

1. CMRC Executive Committee: group of diverse stakeholders to lead CMRC’s overall mission by coordinating its efforts throughout all the programmatic areas.

Craig Freedman, CEO, Freedman Seating
Mollie Dowling, Executive Director, OAI, Inc.
Kathy Dudek, Dudek and Bock Spring Manufacturing Company
Jorge Ramirez, President, Chicago Federation of Labor
Colin Cosgrove, President, Laystrom Manufacturing Company
Michael Jasso, Bureau Chief, Cook County Bureau of Economic Development
Mitch Udany, Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development, James Hardie
Reggie Greenwood, Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation
Dan Swinney, Manufacturing Renaissance

2. CMRC Policy & Legislative Advisory Committee: group of elected officials only to provide political support to CMRC’s mission and vision.

3. CMRC Manufacturers’ Advisory Committee: group of manufacturers only to provide technical assistance in achieving NIMS accreditation, meeting industry requirements and engaging partners.

4. M3C Advisory Committee: group of diverse stakeholders to provide oversight for the Manufacturing Connect program’s expansion over Cook County area and sustainability at Austin College & Career Academy, Bowen High School and Prosser Career Academy.

5. Ministers for Manufacturing Advocacy Committee